The text of Rev. James David Audlin’s speech at the 2005 NCALG Conference which gives a unique perspective on the issue of Indian gambling is available by Clicking here.

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Coalition Against Gambling in New York is an association that stands together to address the ramifications of gambling in New York State and to support positive economic alternatives.

The coalition represents a wide cross-section of New York State’s population and ideology. Some of the affiliated organizations are secular, while others are religious. Some are political and some are non-political. Some are local, and others are statewide. The common thread that binds us is our deep concern with how our elected officials have dealt with the issue of gambling in our state. Some of our members oppose commercial gambling because it violates the State Constitution. Others oppose gambling on moral or ethical grounds. Others see the introduction of casinos to an area as economically, environmentally and socially detrimental to a community.

Our State leaders, in their zeal to increase revenue for the state, have circumvented the State Constitution and have deprived citizens of the right to a public debate and vote on this critical issue. Our Constitution was passed by a vote of all New Yorkers. With a very few specific exceptions (such as pari-mutuel racing, bingo, and episodic games of chance to support charitable organizations), the N.Y. State Constitution explicitly prohibits commercial gambling, including casinos. These provisions were adopted to protect the family man of meager resources from his own imprudence at the gaming tables. The authority to bypass the Constitution and permit commercial gambling is nowhere granted to any branch of government.