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Now that we are stuck with the constitutional amendment (Prop 1) and the Upstate Gambling Act of 2013 we have to move to “harm reduction” rather than primary prevention.   Here are some ideas:

write, email or phone Assembly Member Steven Cymbrowitz asking him to add to  a bill he he has proposed to study gambling in New York State an additional provision  to track how many residents  are gambling addicts and how many are  “at risk for addiction.”

write, email or phone Senator Tkaczyk and Sen. Krueger to support their initiative that would give real weight in siting new casinos to community support (or lack thereof).  They do not call for local referendum, as does Massachusetts law,  but at least propose  objective measures of approval in which the public can have some say.

write, email or phone Senator  Sen Krueger and Sen Addabo in support of their joint initiative to raise the legal age of gambling to twenty one in all settings in NYS





4 thoughts on “Take Action

  1. I am in opposition of the amendment. I know several recovering gambling addicts and saw first hand what a devastating impact it had on their lives. Also, Studied have shown gambling promotes criminal activity. It may financially benefit our educational system in Upstate NY, but would not have a positive effect in raising families.

    • Thank you for commenting, Sharon. I would add that more casinos would ship some money to education aid but it is cosmetic, just laundering the income to the state from casino revenues. Half of that income at least comes from pathological and problem gamblers and most of the money these people are losing was not really theirs but taken by guile from others who trusted them and who had just as much right or more to have that money used for their benefit (rent, insurance payments, retirement account, college fund, car payments etc). Please write your regional papers with your valuable opinion and tell your friends to vote NO on the amendment.
      Stephen Shafer

    • Hello, thanks for asking and for contacting me as well. I’ve had problem getting to this web site in last 24 hr.
      There is a small supply of signs in Buffalo and also in Sullivan County, but they are not easy to mail. They are left over from previous campaigns and say things like “No Casinos.” If you want to enquire further let me know by e-mail and I will give you contact info for the people who may still have them.

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