Reports on Gambling  “How much do gamblers really win?” far far less than they lose and the more you play the more you lose.  Major article confirms earlier observations that most losses in predatory gambling are from a tiny fraction of the gamblers.  90% from 10%. Presentation on video from 2005.  Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski on the dangers of compulsive gambling, to which no religious group is immune  Arnie Wexler, who with his wife, Sheila, has been for decades helping problem gambers to recover, talks about problem gambling in an interview.  His personal narrative up to the day of his last bet in 1968 is given in Rabbi Twerski’s talk.

All Gambling All the Time: Turning the Empire State Into the Gambling State. A Legislative Report by Senator Frank Padavan. April, 2004.  Good history of gambling in New York State and of the State Constitution. AllGamblingAllTheTime

TomGreyClevelandSpeech Important and inspiring speech (2006) by the then-CEO of National Coalition Against Gambling Expansion. Ohio now has casinos, but everything Tom Grey says is still true.  A must-read for all who want no more Predatory Gambling.

Freedom at last From the Burden of Taxation 1977 op-ed piece by B.F. Skinner, a swiftian satire on Lottery by the reigning expert on behavioral psychology.


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