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Newspaper boxes, Nassau St

Newspaper boxes, Nassau St  Syracuse Post-Standard NO  NY Post NO

Utica Observer-Dispatch said NO. see below Albany Times-Union says NO not in New York State, but a strong  NO    Watertown Daily Times NO

NY Times editorial against Prop 1 Oct 25 2013  Cartoon by Marquil Oct 23

Brilliant essay by CAGNY founder Joel Rose on corruption in the march toward amendment.  Late October 2013  For some reason I can’t make this link at Artvoice live;so  paste it in your browser.

Something refreshing and inspiriting.    NY State Senator Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan) blogs against the amendment.  First NYS legislator I know of to have done so.


NY Times on the ballot language.  They call for re-do of the ballots.  

This next speaks of the lawsuit Snyder v. Walsh, which was heard in State Supreme Court Oct 11.  Decision by Judge Platkin expected by around Oct 15  Another good editorial about the ballot language. Auburn Citizen Sept 20 Sept 17 powerful editorial about the ballot language.

Daily News editorial from Sept 13 2013 about the ballot language  Michael Gormley of AP story on wording of ballot for November filed Sept 11   Costs of gambling in State of Victoria, Australia HUGE   epochal statement against gambling by the Episcopal Bishop of Western Massachusetts, posted on web Aug 14 2013  Op-ed about “billion dollars” by David Blankenhorn, President of Institute for American Values NYC.  pub July 27 2013  Editorial from Canada July 2013 on why government should get out out of  gambling.  Powerful editorial Daily News June 20 2013 day before voting on “second passage”  Earl Grinols op-ed in the Daily News June 20.  Les Bernal of SPG and Errol Louis of NY-1 TV on the Chris Hayes Show MSNBC 10-min video June 2013 NY Post editorial June 17 makes clear the double bind Gov poses to opponents of amendment Column from late May 2013 (before Oneida County Board had voted) by Doug George-Kanentiio, a member of CAGNY Board.  He decries the “settlement.”  astute response to Gov Cuomo’s May 9th remarks about the desirability of legalizing more casinos in New York State.  Writer has a radical idea: state would save far more $/year by effectively treating compulsive gamblers than by promoting their illness and taxing the leftovers. Bill Hammond’s column NYDN 14 May.  Leans against the casino amendment.  Quotes Earl Grinols on proportion of gross gaming revenues from problem gamblers.  Excellent story from Canandaigua NY paper, multifaceted.  editorial one week after the May 5 one, reasserting why the ETGs are illegal. editorial May 2013 addresses electronic table games at Aqueduct racino.  Writers believe these are illegal.  CAGNY agrees. May 2013  Points to many weaknesses in the Gov’s push for casinos.

Australian real estate magnate lost 1.5 billion $Au in a year at one casino, sued it for disregarding his obvious addiction and loss of judgment. article from Feb 2013  City supervisor in CA ruined by gambling addiction March 2013

March 8 2013  Drive begins in Massachusetts to undo casino-ization .  Important 30-min documentary on gambling among young people in England.  Students use student loans for a stake.  Universities  unaware of gambling among students.  Silent epidemic. Paul Davies Feb 9 2013 on how Gov. Cuomo claims he doesn’t want to play politics about sites of proposed new casinos.  sardonic humor from The Onion about effect of Storm Sandy on Atlantic City  >> grain of truth

Article from Jan 25 2013 Oregonian on line about OR  State Rep. Carolyn Tomei who wants to cap amount that state can demand Lottery give to it. from NYTimes Jan  13 article by Randall Stross 2013 on how slots fool you.  Mentions Natasha Schull’s important book Addiction by Design.

NY Times article 15 Jan 2013 page D1 by Benedict Carey “Life in the Red”   “Debt often reinforces reckless financial behavior” mentions work of Princeton Psychology Professor Eldar Shafir.  Not specifically about gambling but clearly relevant.

WSJ 1-17-13 Casino Firms May Sit Out Public Debate  From WS Journal.  Big casinos companies not keen on Gov Cuomo’s “three upstate” phase I proposal in SOSM Jan 10 2013 post by Nick Reisman YNN Capital Tonight “For Casinos, A Definition of ‘Upstate'” shows Gov’s deliberate vagueness on placement of new casinos he proposes

http://preview.tinyurl/b8ssb49  article from  newspaper in Frederick MD 12/15/12 reports that revenues to states from gambling expansion have fallen way short of those predicted by expansion promoters

Casinos as the Bleak New Senior Citizen Center, The Atlantic, August 3rd 2012, by Amy Ziettlow

Press Resources by SPG .  2012 editorial by Les Bernal of Stop Predatory Gambling sets out eight good questions about gambling for investigative journalists e.g. why do Public Health physicians and administrators not see gambling addiction as in their territory? reports that Quick Draw was permitted in April 2012 into settings that do not serve food.  Serving food was previously required.  Another step by Gov Cuomo to expand gambling under the rubric of lottery. by Stodghill and Nixon reveals that many states are not seeing revenues to “education”  that lottery was supposed to bring. 1998 article by Bresiger on lottery “racket”

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