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newspapers ( Flickr CC)newspapers ( Flickr CC)  Karen Dewitt of NYS Public Radio on the ballot language.  Albany AP  Michael Gormley filed this 9/12/13, quoted CAGNY chair  at the end   CAGNY mentioned in Legislative Gazette July 1  My View in Times Herald-Record June 19 by Stephen Shafer

Listen to Dr. Shafer on TALK 1300 on June 6th,  Paul Vandenburgh host Albany NY  Legislative Gazette’s coverage of CAGNY press conference in Albany June 4–cuomo-outlines-casino-plan/?ap=1&MP4 Stephen Shafer comments on YNN  re Gov’s proposal to make Indian casinos play ball with him by June 30 2013 or else get competition imposed.  Shafer’s afterword: “I I did not put this well, spoke wrongly of ‘tax’ when I meant coerced payments.” links to letter in NY Daily News by Chairperson of CAGNY May 2013  2013 article in Times Union

Jan 2013 “our view” column from Utica refers to projections about increased prevalence problem gambling assoc with new casinos. Report done by CAGNY letter about CAGNY report on increased prevalence problem gambling that would go with new casinos  letter Jan 27 2013 about report on new casinos

Some worry Sandy could aid NY gambling expansion – Associated Press – December 14th 2012 quotes Joel Rose, Chairperson of CAGNY May 21 2012 Paul Donges of WAMC interview Joel Rose, founder and Chairperson CAGNY May 21 YNN interview with The Rev Duane Motley,  Casey Seiler article from Times Union May 2012 on occasion of CAGNY advocacy days in Albany. from a casino blog, about CAGNY advocacy days  Albany May 2012 Jan 2012 article about contributions and lobbying by Genting and Seneca Nation quotes Joel Rose, founder and Chairperson, CAGNY Jan 2012 long article quotes Charlotte Wellins of CAGNY.  Also quotes spokesperson for Yonkers Racino who says Aqueduct  “tapped into a previously undiscovered gambling population in Queens.”  New euphemism for creating problem gamblers. quotes Stephen Shafer MD, then Vice-Chair CAGNY about the necessity not to let gambling expand

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