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    good new site from England, first link I’ve added in some time .   Man knows casinos.

excellent statement on gambling from a Christian perspective by the Rev. Tim Overton. Written 2007,  but fits even better today with on;lin poker looming so large in many states. Excellent informative web site from a community proposed as a casino site in rural New York.

Statement by the  Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester posted Nov 4 2013

Bp Singh  October 17 2013 new facebook page by activist in Monroe County NY.  I don’t do FB but if you do, get in touch.  We need more FB presence.

Stop Predatory Gambling: National organization exposing and opposing the “failed government policy” of predatory gambling.  Highly informative web site with details of current initiatives by SPG, advice and tools for activists, calendar and newsletter.   Timely features on the casino amendment, bg articles on predatory gambling SPG presentation about Facebook gambling put up late Feb 2013

No Saugerties Casino: This organization formed years ago to  stop a  casino slated  for Saugerties, New York (mid-Hudson Valley) .  Experienced NSC  members have  a sphere of concern that goes beyond the county to the state level.

Citizens Against Casino Gambling in Erie County – Organization opposing casino gambling in Erie County, New York, United States. Position, news, and events.  Web site packed with important documents as well as court records.

United to Stop Slots in Massachusetts is a non-partisan organization working diligently to organize and educate citizens and Legislators on the facts about the economic and social costs of legalizing predatory gambling in the Commonwealth.

Get Government Out of Gambling: Journalist Paul Davies shines a light on the impact of gambling on society and the government’s role as the chief enabler of this industry.  Most posts  are his own; some he draws from other sources.  National Council on Problem Gambling.  Funded mostly by gambling interests but web site is informative to all parties. much of the archive seems old but good.  I see an emphasis on crimestopping. National Council on Problem Gambling.  In our opinion, not nearly strong enough on primary prevention of PG but doing some good work on treatment. This is not an active group now.  Final Report of the National Gambling Impact Study Commission 1996-1998 .   Created by act of Congress, the NGISC did monumental work hearing testimony and commissioning original research.  The final report is thousands of pages.  Get familiar with it.  The Commission was charged not to tilt either way, “simply” to gather information and informed opinions for governments to think about.

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  1. As the executive vice president of the Chelsea Reform Democratic Club, or CRDC, I present monthly programs addressing political and community issues.
    I need a strong speaker in opposition to the NYS ballot initiative that, if passed, would legalize non-Indian casinos in that state. The speaker would be facing off against a proponent of the initiative.

    The meeting will take place October 17th, 2013, 7:00 pm, at the Hudson Guild Center, 441 West 26th Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues.)
    Thank you.
    Judy Richheimer

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