Editor’s note:  This archive is far from complete  as a record of CAGNY activities, still less as a record of court documents.  In a few of the archive documents, CAGNY members had no hand at all, but the archivist correctly considered them important references.  Very little was added to it after 2009; this deficit will be repaired in time.   It is organized today by date of event.  Where a document stands alone, order is by most recent first.  Where two or more documents are grouped (e.g. all related to the same court case),  however, the order  begins with the earliest  document highest on the list and later documents lower.  Example: Buffalo Creek documents begin in 2006 and go down the page to 2008. 

Right now there are nine main sections in the archive, each with a bold title.  The first four (4) documents are  stand-alone, working back from mid-2013 to late 2009.  Next are two (2) letters related to internet gambling.  Then come eight (8) letters  from Sept 2009 dealing with off-reservation gambling.  Then are twelve (12)  docs related to the Buffalo Creek casino case that began as CACGEC v. Norton.  One (1) stand-alone,  then eight (8) documents on  Dalton v. Pataki, (two of which are identical ) then three (3)  public comments from 2005, then thirteen (13) documents pertaining to CAGNY governance from 2006-2013.  At the end are eight  (8) stand-alone documents, the last two of which are two parts of a larger whole.  Total number of files = 57.

The captions, in black, are not definitive but will guide users better than the short code-word hyperlink file names to which they refer.  The captions can be improved in time.

If the archive were much larger, as it will be some day, browsing it by eye under categories like these plus others would be very inefficient.  For now it is not hard to do.  

Stand-alone documents from 2009-2013

Broadsides June 2012 thru June 2013 Twenty-three short documents distributed to all legislators during the year.  Twenty were distributed between January and June 2013.  An introduction allows search by title.

CAGNY Conference: December 6th, 2012 Flyer for CAGNY conference held in Syracuse,  Dec 2012

An-American-Declaration-on-Government-and-Gambling Promulgated by Stop Predatory Gambling 2012.  A must-read-must-sign-and-must-circulate.  

MotionOnDiscovery-DecisionAndOrder20120623 June 2012 in USDC Western District CACGEC et al vs. Tracie Stevens (National Indian Gaming Commission).  Conflict of interest claimed by plaintiffs.  Tracie Stevens had by this time replaced Hogen as Chairperson of the NIGC.

in re internet gambling

Dear Mr Frank letter from Stephen Shafer, Vice-Chairperson of CAGNY opposing internet gambling

ToHouseCommitteeOnFinancialServices20091201 Dec 2009 letter from Joel Rose, Chairperson of CAGNY  opposing  internet gambling


Related to decision expected from DOI after Sept 2009 about off-reservation gambling

MurrayToSchumer20090902 Sept 2009 letter C. Murray Esq. to Senator Schumer about off-reservation gambling

ToEditorWDT20090914 Sept 2009 letter to editor re off-res gambling application by St Regis Mohawks

SenatorsToSalazar20090915 Five senators write to Secretary Salazar DOI against  off-reservation gambling

GeldardToEchoHawkCirca20090915 letter re off-reservation gambling to Larry Echohawk

LieberToEchoHawk20090915 Sept 2009 letter from Dr. Arnold Lieber, Saugerties NY to Larry Echohawk opposing  off-reservation gambling 

PuretzToEchoHawk20090915  Sept 2009 letter from S. Puretz Saugerties NY (No Saugerties Casino) to Larry Echohawk opposing off-reservation gambling.

IroquoisForInterior 2009 History of Iroquois traditions re government and gambling written by The Rev. James D. Audlin (Distant Eagle), a Mohawk, to Larry Echohawk  Director,  Bureau of Indian Affairs  USDOI .  Duplicated below as “Audlin to Echohawk”

AudlinToEchoHawk20090826 letter Aug 26 2009 from The Rev. James D. Audlin to Larry Echohawk  Director,  BIA USDOI


Documents  re Buffalo Creek casino in downtown Buffalo

SENECA-complaint filedJan 3  2006 CACGEC et al v. vs. Norton et al. re status of land owned by Seneca Nation of Indians on which the SNI intended to run a casino.

USDC-CBB-Decision-Order January 2007 CACGEC et al. v. Kempthorne et al. continues action begun Jan 3 2006 in CACGEC et al. v. Norton  et al.

USDC-CBB-Recon-Decision-Order 20 April 2007 United States District Court Western District decision on Defendant’s motion for reconsideration

MLSuppSJ Oct 9 2007  Memo of Law in support of plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment submitted by Cornelius Murray in CACGEC v. Hogen .  Argues that Buffalo Creek parcel is not Indian land. [ Ultimately this argument was not upheld].

MLOppMotDismiss Oct 9 2007 by C. Murray Esq. in oppposition to defendants’ motion to dismiss for summary judgment. 

Decision_07-08-08 July 2008 US District Court Western District (Judge Skretny)  in CACGEC et al. vs. Hogen et al.  Layperson’s summary: the Buffalo Creek parcel  is Indian land but cannot be a site for gambling.

LtFleming July 8 2008 from Cornelius Murray Esq. to US Attorney Fleming asking her to press Chair of National Indian Gaming Commission to say whether he intends to close the Seneca’s casino in downtown Buffalo per Judge Skretny’s decision of July 8

NoMto-Enforce July 14 2008 Motion to enforce Judge’s decision that gambling is not permitted on the Buffalo Creek parcel owned by the Seneca Nation of Indians

Aff-Exhibits-A-E-in-Support-of-Motion-to-Enforce filed July 14 2008 in support of motion by Cornelius D. Murray to enforce judgment on Seneca gambling in Buffalo

Aff-CD-Murray-in-Support-0f-Motion-to-Enforce filed July 14 2008 in support of motion by Cornelius D. Murray. Esq. to enforce judgment on Seneca gambling in Buffalo

NCAGE-Press-Release-re-Buffalo-Casino July 17 2008 notes that the land owned by the Seneca Nation in downtown Buffalo does not qualify for gambling operations

LT-Fleming-08-27-08 August 2008 letter from Cornelius Murray to US Attorney Fleming  pressing her to correct violation of continued operation of Buffalo Creek Casino 


mohawk010408 Jan 2008 DOI advises St Regis Mohawks that DOI will not take off-reservation land in Sullivan County into trust


Documents in the case of Dalton v. Pataki 2003-2005

Dalton-Pataki-Park-Place-Brief May 28 2003  Randy M. Mastro, Esq. for the defendants in Dalton v. Pataki filed NY Court of Appeals

Dalton-v-Pataki July 17 2003  Decision NY Supreme Court Judge Teresi

94493.Dalton July 7 2004 Decision in Dalton v. Pataki  NY Supreme Court Appellate Division

Dalton-Pataki-Pl-Reply argued by Cornelius D. Murray, Esq. Oct 1 2004 for the appellants in two actions (Dalton et al v. Pataki) and Mrs Lee Karr v. Pataki

Dalton-Pataki-Brief identical to Dalton-Pataki-Pl-Reply above; argued by Cornelius D. Murray, Esq. Oct 1 2004 for the appellants in two actions (Dalton et al v. Pataki) and Mrs Lee Karr v. Pataki

Dalton-Pataki-State-Brief Dec 7 2004 NYS as defendant files its brief, signed by Marcus Mastracco

Dalton-Pataki-Pl-Brief Dec 7 2004 argues that Gov. Pataki’s message of necessity after Sept 11, 2001 was ill-defined and inappropriate.

Dalton-Pataki-Reply  Feb 10 2005 reply by NYS counsel to Dec 7 arguments 


Objections  voiced in 2005 to casino in downtown  Buffalo

Einach-remarks Oct 31 2005 about casino gambling in Buffalo  when Judy Einach was a candidate for Mayor of Buffalo opposing downtown casino

Rose-remarks Joel Rose, Chairperson of CAGNY at Press conference Buffalo Oct 31 2005 opposing  casino in Cobblestone District

casino-letter letter to Gale Norton Secretary of the Interior from many Buffalo citizens Oct 21 2005


Documents relating to CAGNY administration and formation

CAGNY-Inf Bylaws_revised2013  5th Revision of bylaws, changing dues structure

CAGNY-informationBylawsRevised20091112 CAGNY Information 2009 4th revision of  bylaws

CAGNY-informationBylawsRevised20081009 CAGNY Information 2008 3rd revision of  bylaws

CAGNY-informationBylawsRevised20061231 CAGNY Information 2006 2nd revision of  bylaws

CAGNY-informationBylawsRevised20060506 CAGNY Information 2006 first revision of  bylaws

CAGNY-informationBylawsAdopted20060209 CAGNY Information  Feb 2006 original bylaws

CAGNY -action_bylaws_revised 2013  Revised to amend dues structure

CAGNY-actionBylawsRevised20091112 CAGNY Action 2009 revision of bylaws

CAGNY-actionBylawsRevised20081009 CAGNY Action 2008 revision of bylaws

CAGNY-actionBylawsRevised20061231 CAGNY Action 2006 Dec 31 revision of  bylaws

CAGNY-actionBylawsAdopted20060209 CAGNY Action  Feb 2006 original bylaws

AboutCAGNY20100508  “About CAGNY” version of May 2010

AboutCAGNY20091201 “About CAGNY” version of Dec 2009


Important one-of-a kind documents sorted by date 1996-2007, most recent higher 

February-2007-NCALG-Bulletin memorable for comment by Frank Fahrenkopf, CEO of American Gaming Association,  admitting that he would not like a casino in McLean VA where he then lived.

TomGreyClevelandSpeech  Inspiring speech (2006) by The Rev Tom Grey, then CEO of National Coalition Against  Gambling Expansion.  He  recounts how, many times,  well-moneyed campaigns to expand  reach of casinos had been up to then stopped by dedicated organizations on a shoestring budget.  Sad to say, Ohio later capitulated.  That does take the truth out of his remarks.

NCALG-NCAGE-Conf-regis Registration form for 2005 Conference held by National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling and National Coalition Against Gambling Expansion.  These two groups were fore-runners of Stop Predatory Gambling.

Kindt-bib-law-review-gambling bibliography of Prof Kindt’s many articles in journals showing terrible drawbacks to legalized gambling, through 2004

GamblingBehaviorsInJeffersonCounty Survey of prevalence done 2003-2003

profitability link to article by Grinols and Mustard in Management and Decision Economics 2001: 22: 143-162 .  editor plans to replace the  link with a full citation .

1996 – Report of New York Task Force on Casino Gambling to Governor Pataki part 1 of 2 11959

1996 – Report of New York Task Force of Casino Gambling to Governor Pataki  part 2 of2 11960 




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