Coalition  Against Gambling in New York is a non-profit organization  founded in Buffalo in 2004 by Joel S. Rose. CAGNY has two arms, CAGNY-Action, Inc. and CAGNY-Information, Inc.  both of which are registered with the Attorney General of the State of New York.

CAGNY has from its start opposed any expansion of  legalized gambling in New York, whether implemented through the introduction of new lottery games, through addition of new racino games or of facilities, through expanded hours and venues, through  Internet gambling, through a constitutional amendment to allow commercial casino gambling, or by any other means. CAGNY – Information, Inc., exists to inform and empower our fellow citizens  by public education to stop predatory gambling in New York . CAGNY – Action, Inc aims to influence legislation by meeting with legislators and government officials to inform them about our position.  Contributions to either CAGNY Action or CAGNY-Information are not deductible.

We are a membership organization with officers elected on an annual basis.  No religious or political stripe characterizes CAGNY, whose members’ own religious and political views have a remarkably wide spectrum.  To join,  contact the  Chairperson by e-mail (correct the substituted symbols) to sqs1[at]columbia[dot]edu or by regular mail  at 8 Mynderse Street Saugerties NY 12477 1704.  Annual dues are ten dollars per calendar year,  payable by check to CAGNY-Action..        

The History of C.A.G.N.Y

On December 6, 2004, the formation of CAGNY was announced in our first press release and On January 10, 2005 CAGNY representatives went to Albany for our first press conference to introduce the organization to members of the New York State Legislature and to educate them on the concerns we have regarding gambling in New York. Since this time CAGNY has regularly made contact with our State Leaders in the executive and legislative branches of our government to keep them updated on these issues and concerns.

To view our ByLaws, please click here: CAGNY-informationBylawsRevised20091112

Officers and Board as of Jan 25, 2015


Stephen Q. Shafer, Chairperson, was on the faculty of Columbia University. At retirement in 2010, he was Clinical Professor of Neurology at Harlem Hospital Center.  He has three postgraduate degrees — MD, MPH and MA (Political Science).  In December 2012 he succeeded as Chairperson the organization’s founder, Joel Rose of Buffalo.  Dr. Shafer lives in the-mid-Hudson Valley.


DSC01626       Anna Kay France, Vice-Chairperson of CAGNY, is also co-Chairperson of Citizens Against Casino Gambling in Erie County. In 2010-11, she served with Jim Anderson as co-host of the radio program “Conversations about Gambling” broadcast weekly over WUFO AM.  For 35 years, she was on the faculty of the State University of New York at Buffalo, with a joint appointment in Theatre and English. A playwright, actor and director, Ms. France is currently Artistic Director of Playback Theatre of Buffalo.




Secretary: Nelson Acquilano recently retired after a 40-year career  as an addiction  counselor in the Finger Lakes area, where he still resides.






Elizabeth Shafer, Treasurer,  is an attorney and vice-president of the Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy, a civil society organization accredited by the United Nations that is the U.S. affiliate of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms.  She is also a member of the Conservation Advisory Commission of the Hudson Valley town where she lives.





James E. Anderson

Arnold Lieber, M.D.

The  Rev.  James David Audlin (Distant Eagle)

The Hon. Michael Fitzpatrick

Douglas M. George-Kanentio

Dianne M. Berlin

Damaris W. McGuire

Christina Fadden Finch

Robb Smith

Daniel T. Warren

Charlotte Nindl Wellins

Honorary Chairperson  The Hon. John Lafalce

Advisors:  Les Bernal,  The Rev. Tom Grey

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    • CAGNY did not make lawn signs. I have heard of several people who did but can’t get in touch with them. Can you bravely improvise one?
      I will send your address, which I found by clicking edit, to someone who is starting a FB campaign. I tweet @StephenShafer1. Thank you for your interest, keep in touch.

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