“Job Creation” by Casinos not a Net Boon


"School Buses in the Fall"   found on  flickr  commons

Building a new casino complex opens job lines in the locality.  This is often trumpeted  as “job creation.”  Job creation is widely desired at a national level.  On a local or regional level, however, it may be more job substitution.  Persons newly hired at the casino complex will often have quit another job nearby for what they hope will be better conditions.  In a rural area a new casino complex will abruptly have hundreds more openings than there are ready able and willing workers in the community.  It will have to import staff, many of whom have left their jobs elsewhere.   The check list below refers to a medium-sized non-tribal casino complex in a mostly rural area.  Opening and filling job titles novel to  a community is not necessarily  True job creation, widely desired at a national level,   is not necessarily a net benefit to the community or county .

Construction jobs building  casino complex   ●
New construction or renovation outside casino complex    ●
Local skilled unionized work force enough for construction
Non-resident skilled workers needed for construction  ●
Most new job lines can be filled by local unemployed
Most new lines can be filled by local people who switch jobs
Some local workers will switch job to casino complex  ●
All casino job lines can be filled by local residents
Interest in hiring disabled persons  ●
sales local gas stations  ●
sales local stores and restaurants  ●
Net in total property tax roll due to devalued businesses    ●
Casino employees in rental housing will pay school taxes  ●
Casino will pay  school taxes
School  budget  overall  definitely bettered by casino  ●
Existing stock of rental housing for casino employees good    ●
 County-wide unemployment definitely decreasedOpinions in this piece are those of the writer, Stephen Q. Shafer MD, MA,MPH and are not necessarily shared by any or all members of CAGNY.  Photo of schoolbuses in the fall from flickr commons 5111493374_ca620e7837schoolbuses  ●


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